Well……That was 2020

ByRob Peledie

Well……That was 2020

Well that was a challenging year! Thats probably a massive understatement, and Ive been very fortunate, that even though I faced some early challenges as a small consultancy, we have kept working on projects throughout the year, and (at the moment) 2021 looks ok.

I will just say at this point, that I also know many consultants and contractors that have struggled with projects and contracts, and I really hope 2021 is better for you all.

Thinking back though, it’s been a learning curve for many of us. Working from home with all its challenges. New ways of communicating (with the phrase of the year going to “You’re still on mute”). The challenge of not really seeing anyone, and only interacting virtually (I’m not a massive people person, but going from 80% onsite to 100% offsite has been a challenge even for me).

So what does 2021 look like? Well…. if we’re honest, we don’t know. It may improve…..as we sit here today on the last day of 2020, there is some hope on one side of the coin in the vaccines being rolled out….. on the other side, we do have many parts of the UK going in to Tier 4 lockdown…… so who knows.

So while we cant make plans in the same way we may have done in past years, I still think the turning of a year is a good point to reassess, reevaluate and plan for progress and forward movement……..You can always improve on a personal level, even if other things are out of your control.

So how about these 5 to get started….. maybe you have your own:

  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Teach it forward
  3. Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone
  4. Read more books
  5. Get healthier

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