PowerApps PCF Controls

ByRob Peledie

PowerApps PCF Controls

For those that don’t know, we now have the capability to create custom controls for model-driven apps (as of time of writing, we are just about to get all this goodness for Canvas apps as well!!)

So what is it, and what can we do with it? 

Use PowerApps component framework to create custom components in model-driven apps to provide an enhanced user experience for the users to view and work with data in forms, views and dashboards. 

So what sort of things can we create?

Well how about instead of a number field to show probability of Opportunity closing, you have a slider?

Or perhaps instead of a standard view of contacts, you have this:

Shout out to Natraj Yegnaraman   and his Contact Card PCF Control

You can start to see the countless use cases for this sort of flexibility. And when this is available for Canvas apps (September/October 2019) the potential for creating is boundless.

Now, to be 100% upfront and honest here, this isn’t a ‘drag n drop’ exercise. This is going to require you to have some development experience. There are some great articles and videos that might help you get started – and I’ll list them at the end.

There is also and awesome resource – The PCF Gallery. Here you’ll find some examples of what people are doing, and as is normal in this great community, it’s free to use and share.


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