Microsoft AZ-900 Certification

ByRob Peledie

Microsoft AZ-900 Certification

I’m pleased to say I have just passed the AZ-900 exam.

Although my main area of expertise is and always has been Dynamics 365 (CRM), I find myself getting more and more involved with the wider Microsoft Business Solutions Ecosystem, and that includes Azure. 

Whether its Logic Apps for workflow, or Service Bus for integration, I find most weeks I’m delving in to Azure.

For those thinking of taking the exam, I have to say I didn’t find it too difficult, and there are so many resources available to make sure you’re up to speed.

As a starting point, it’s always worth checking out the  details of what you’ll be examined on. for AZ-900, the details can be found here 

If you want some great training, and have a limited budget, I cannot recommend Microsoft Learn highly enough – Partly because it’s free, but mostly because it’s awesome! and getting better almost daily.

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