Learn More With….. Microsoft Learn!

ByRob Peledie

Learn More With….. Microsoft Learn!

I’m pretty well Microsoft through and through. However a few years ago I had a detour in to the depths of the realm know as Salesforce (It’s fine, I’m ok now)…..

Seriously though, There are a few things that Salesforce do quite well, and one of the things I thought they did well was Trailhead. Trailhead was an online, free learning platform which has a gamification feel about it, and allowed users to acquire the skills needed to be anything from a good user to a Salesforce Dev.

I always thought it was a great concept and executed really well, and something Microsoft could take note of.


A few years forward and we have Microsoft Learn!

Now I have to say, the look and feel is very similar to Trailhead, but that’s not a bad thing, after all, Salesforce did it well.

So what can you learn? Well there’s lots of Learning paths you can take including Azure, Dynamics, Power BI and more, but as I’m well and truly entrenched in the Powerapps/Dynamics space, this is the Path I chose, and there really is some great modules.

The modules are so well put together, and really informative. If you’re going through one of the Azure modules, you even get a Sandbox instance right in the browser to work through the lesson

So give it a go…. Learn something new today.

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